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America's Cup: One apiece in today's racing

America's Cup: One apiece in today's racing
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| Latest Yachting News | Monday September 16 2013 8:42


UPDATED 2:17pm: It was heart pounding stuff at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron in Auckland this morning.

Vice Commodore Andy Anderson says the 200 members at the club were subdued when Oracle won race nine, but that changed to elation when Team New Zealand took race 10.

"I'm not sure if my heart can take much more if it gets more exciting than this morning.

"It certainly raised the bar in terms of the competitiveness between the two teams."

It was a nail biting America's Cup performance.

"And Oracle are certainly well the equal of our team by the looks of it, from the display this morning."

Even commentating veteran Peter Montgomery was reaching for the defibrillator.

"One minute it's a white line, then it's a red line. This is a heart stopper."

PJ says this was America's Cup racing at its thrilling best.

"This is my eleventh America's Cup, this is one of the most pulsating, exciting races I've ever seen."

Second scare for Team NZ

As Pete Montgomery reports, Oracle's 46 second win in race nine was another scare for Emirates Team New Zealand fans.

"They look frightening this morning, really daunting and frightening."

But then came race 10 - and Emirates Team came back - to win by 17 seconds.

Newstalk ZB commentator Craig Monk believes the key to that win was a lighter breeze for the second race.

"The Oracle boat, or the Oracle package, is a lower drag package. It's a smaller, squatter boat with less drag basically, so the windier it gets the faster it goes.

"Team New Zealand boat's sort of bigger, sort of a stronger boat if you like and when it gets windy it creates a bit more drag and it's a bit harder to get going."

Point on the board for Oracle

After a convincing America's Cup win over Emirates Team New Zealand, Oracle Tam USA finally has a point on the board.

Oracle thrashed Team New Zealand by 47 seconds in race nine to win their third race of the regatta and close the race-to-nine at 6-1.

But Team New Zealand bounced back in a close race ten, finishing 17 seconds ahead of the America's Cup defender. 

The score now sits at 7-1 with Emirates Team New Zealand only needing two more wins to bring the cup back.

Heart stopping race 10

It's been a nail biting, neck and neck, and very tactical second race today, with record speeds in unexpectedly lighter winds.

After leading at the start, the Kiwi syndicate exchanged the lead with Oracle on leg three and were virtually neck and neck at the mark.

The fourth mark proved the key, winning it by 11 seconds to set up the victory.

Commentator Craig Monk says Team New Zealand started well.

"Great start by Team New Zealand there, they've thrown everything at Oracle and they've been caught off guard."

Team New Zealand skipper Dean Barker says it's a superb come-from-behind win.

"The guys just dug it in and we got opposite gates at the top and our gate was probably the preferred one and the intersection halfway down the run, there wasn't really a lot they could do."

Oracle helmsman Jimmy Spithill says he's not sure what his crew could have done differently.

"We were talking about gybing on top but then we probably would've been just pinned out on the corner, the apparent wind so far forward, I'm not sure we could've ever affected them.

"I'm not sure, maybe if we had taken a bit more risk and not slowed down as much and really tried to shave their stern."

Newstalk ZB's Julie Moffett is down at the Auckland's Viaduct Harbour where she says it's been a bit of an emotional roller-coaster for fans who watched Team New Zealand lose today's first race.

"At the end they were absolutely jumping up and down and so happy with screams of joy at the end of race 10."

Oracle gets a point on the board

Team USA performed much better in the ebb tide and higher wind range, winning the start and emphatically extending their lead at every mark.

Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill says it's a big win.

"What a fantastic effort by the boys, really dug it in, a very physical race, plenty of time, they did a great job on the back but I tell you what, the boys in the engine room up the front just were able to stand on every single manoeuvre so very very exciting."

Team New Zealand helmsman Dean Barker says after losing the start, they were on the back foot.

"But it's difficult in those conditions with this much ebb and stuff to make much of the starboard entry so we'll look to do a much better job in this second race."

Peter Montgomery says Team New Zealand has got a serious challenge on their hands.

"That was comprehensive, convincing, ad really sends out a message to Emirates Team New Zealand."

Commentator Craig Monk says Jimmy Spithill made it clear right from the start who was in charge.

"The crew have delivered for him as well - they didn't put a foot wrong, they didn't open the door at all, they shut down every option, there was no way back for Team New Zealand.

Monk says had a clicker speed on all five legs.

He says this is now becoming a mind game.

"I think the mental side of this is pretty big.

"We've got to break this momentum they've got, this is going to be two wins in a row."

Photo: Getty Images



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